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Fire Rescue School

Learn Safe and Efficient Fire Emergency Response

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Offering Comprehensive Firefighting Instruction Since 2006

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“Our training is not about getting it right, it’s about never getting it wrong.”


Our goal is to provide cost effective emergency response team training that is specific to your plant setting. Not only do we meet your OSHA and NFPA training requirements, we exceed them in providing the building blocks that are vital for new and current student development. Our academic and hands-on training programs are designed to convey the expertise of our veteran fire service specialists. Through years of experience we have found that students learn by sight, rote and by physical interaction during training. This model provides each student with the foundation to expand their knowledge base, increasing each student’s skill retention. We take each student from classroom training to real life scenarios building the confidence they need to safely handle emergencies in the industrial plant environment.

Onsite Fire Academy
Wild Fire
Training Servies

Training Services

Fire Training

We provides emergency response personnel with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to safely, effectively, and in compliance with NFPA 1081, resolve an emergency in a variety of structures found in a plant facility. 

~Online or On-Site Fire Academy~

HAzmat Training

Our course combines the IFSTA First Responder Awareness Level, First Responder Operations Level, and Hazardous Materials Technician Level. This course meets and/or exceeds OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120; EPA and DOT requirements.

Rescue Training

Using our extensive fire rescue experience and expertise, we will teach you the proper response techniques and methods that will help ensure your and others’ safety in emergency situations.

~Multiple courses offered~


This program provides the “first responder” with life saving techniques that can positively impact the outcome of a medical emergency in the workplace, not to mention it will satisfy OSHA requirements.

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